Reporting Bugs

If you a reporting a bug, it can be helpful for us to know a little more about the health of your app. That's why in newer versions of Translate This there is a "Copy debug info to clipboard" button in the Settings menu. Simply click this button once for a report to be copied to your clipboard/pasteboard. You can then paste the report at the bottom an email to us - don't forget to describe your issue too!

It's important that you don't edit this information in any way so that we can be sure it is valid!

⚠️ Translate This has been removed from the App Store

Unfortunately, Apple is no longer allowing us to distribute Translate This to you through the Mac App Store. This is due to new rules regarding how developers can take screenshots on macOS Catalina.
We are very sorry to have to remove Translate This from service and would like to thank everyone who has been using it over the past year.
If you have purchased credits, you will still be able to use them up.
Here's to hoping we can sort something out in 2020!

Made in Australia

by Max Chuquimia


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